mmp_logoThe Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) believes that media must be connected to the economic and social realities of everyday life. The right to free speech means little without the right to be heard.By sharing our own stories for the purposes of education, outreach, and organizing, we can disrupt the fragmentation of our issues and the isolation of our communities, and build the networks necessary to address the root causes of the problems we face.

ocov_logo Our City, Our Voices: Immigrant Newscasts in the Digital Age, creates strong communities by training immigrants and other workers on the use of digital visual technology in order to build the necessary skills to make their own media. Through this initiative, participants gain both the tools and opportunities to share their opinions, hopes, dreams and challenges.

n89356649934_9066 Peoples Production House is run and staffed by journalists and community organizers from historically excluded communities. Our projects are unique as we bring together two of the best American traditions: community organizing and independent media creation, to build a community of media organizers: media literate youth and workers who can create and demand a media that functions in their interests.

jeb11maj_cuffs_lookdown Prison Radio’s mission is to challenge mass incarceration and racism by airing the voices of men and women in prison by bringing their voices into the public dialogue on crime and punishment.

bridge-3-low-221x127 Puente is a Phoenix, AZ based organization that has been organizing day laborers and currently for the past 9 years. Puente’s current campaign is being one of the organization fomenting a strong movement against the civil and human rights abuses portrayed by Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

head1 RADIO INSURGENTE is the official voice of the National Zapatista Liberation Army (EZLN). RADIO INSURGENTE is a radio station which is completely independent from the bad Mexican government. It diffuses the ideas and contents of the zapatista struggle on FM and shortwave radio, as well as on this website and through its own CD-productions. It also informs about the progress made in building the zapatista autonomy through the Good Government Juntas and the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities.

3022614585_5065ae71a6_m Mobile Voices is a storytelling platform for immigrants in Los Angeles to create and publish stories about their community directly from cell phones. Mobile Voices breaks new ground, allowing those without computer access greater participation in the digital public sphere. We are developing handset applications to capture and publish multimedia stories directly from phones; customizing Drupal, the popular open source content management system, for mobile content publishing; and training immigrants in LA to use this storytelling system.