“Yo Soy El Army: America’s New Military Caste”


As Latinos grow into America’s largest minority, the community is being targeted by the US military as a new and steady source of recruits.

Entering into the lowest and most dangerous ranks, Latinos have been disproportionately killed in American’s latest wars.

“Yo Soy el Army : America’s New Military Caste,” Big Noise’s co-production with Producciones Cimarron, looks at the militarization of the immigration debate. Alongside the Spanish-language media campaigns, the false promises and stringent laws that have even resulted in the deportation of non-citizen veterans, the US government is now considering the DREAM Act, legislation that offers a path to citizenship through military service.

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DEMOCRACY NOW! Coverage of film “Yo Soy El Army: America’s New Military Caste”
Interview with Marco Amador of Producciones Cimarrón and Centro de Comunicación Comunitaria.
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