New Orleans Worker’s Center for Racial Justice PSA

Produced and Edited by Marco Amador (Producciones Cimarrón)


CCTV coverage of Operation BART Protest

Produced and Edited by Barni Qaasim for CCTV/Producciones Cimarrón


Grand Opening of Centro de Comunicación Comunitaria in Boyle Heights!

Join us this saturday as we open our new space in Boyle Heights. We will be joined by Luis Rodriguez author of “Always Running”, Los Poets del Norte and live silk screening by Nico Avina. Your support to independent community spaces is vital and we hope to see you there!



“THE SOUND STRIKE: A Cultural Interruption”

The Sound Strike is a coalition of Artists that have committed to supporting the International Boycott of Arizona in the wake of the passage of SB 1070. The film includes interviews with Zack De La Rocha, Conor Oberst, Rodrigo and Gabriela and Eugene Hutz, members of the Sound Strike. 

The film explores the rise of hate groups like “FAIR” and how organizations such as the Southern Poverty law center are tracking their growth and influence on Arizona’s political landscape. The film seeks to remind the audience that the immigration industrial complex has had an important role in the creation of laws like SB1070 not only in Arizona but also throughout the country.

Co-produced by Producciones Cimarrón and Big Noise Films


Concert For Equality

Produced and Edited by Marco Amador (Producciones Cimarrón)

On Saturday July 31st, 2010 in Omaha, NE, several bands including Bright Eyes, Cursive, Desaparecidos (their first live performance since 2002), and Lullaby For The Working Class gathered together to fight for equality by playing a benefit show for the ACLU Nebraska.
All proceeds from the concerts went to the ACLU Nebraska who prepared a law suit against the town of Fremont, Nebraska, the latest in a series of U.S. towns that have decided to take immigration law into their own hands. ACLU Nebraska filed a lawsuit challenging the law which attempts to ban undocumented immigrants from renting, residing or being employed in the Nebraska town.
ACLU Nebraska Executive Director Laurel Marsh says, “If this law goes into effect, it will cause discrimination and racial profiling against Latinos and others who appear to be foreign born, including U.S. citizens. The ACLU Nebraska has no option but to turn to the courts to stop this un-American and unconstitutional ordinance before the law goes into effect. Not only do local ordinances such as this violate federal law, they are also completely out of step with American values of fairness and equality. We will be working with concerned citizens in Fremont who want to stop Arizona-like laws from getting on the books in their city.
Through these efforts, the community groups and The ACLU were able to stop the implementing of this law. Watch this film produced by The Sound Strike, documenting this historic event that challenged the climate of hate created by groups like FAIR (Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform), a group known for its ties to white supremacist groups and idealogies.